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24x24 Full Size Elite 1 Hole Washer Toss Game Boards

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We took our proven premium board design and added plush marine grade carpet for better playability, longer lifespan and more color options! These boards feature a full 1" thick exterior grade baltic birch frame, convenient rope carrying system, and the ability to use our washer locker to store washers with your boards.

* 24" x 24" Full Size Slanted Playing Surface
* 5/8" Exterior Grade Plywood Top
* Signature 1" Thick Exterior Grade Baltic Birch Frame
* Constructed with Exterior Grade Screws for Durability
* 3" Hole for 2.5" Outside Diameter Washers
* Rope Handle & Slot for Easy Carrying of the Set
* Pre-Drilled Frame for Our Washer Locker

*Marine Grade Carpet w/ Color Options


* Don't forget to add our unique Washer Locker. The best way to secure and store your washers with your boards!

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