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8 VVashers™ w/ Saints Fabric Bag - SALE

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On sale: $23.97 $22.47
Retail Price:$24.97
You Save:$2.50(10%)
Generally Ships In: 1-2 Business Days
All sale items are final.  No returns.

We have recently changed the fabric that we are using for this fabric bag and are clearing out our old inventory.  Same great quality, just an old design.

Tired of the paint coming off your set? VVashers™ have an outdoor grade overlay adhered to them that lasts longer and looks better than typical paint applications. They also have greater visibility during flight and when searching for them due to the exposed reflective edges.

* 8 VVashers™ Per Set - 4 of Each Color
* Outdoor Grade Overlays Not Paint
* Outside Diameter of 2.5"
* Zinc Finish For Outdoor Durability
* Includes Hand Made Bag For Storage

DISCLAIMER: Fabric patterns vary from bag to bag and may not be identical to the picture. The bags are not licensed products; they are handcrafted from licensed fabric. We are not affiliated or sponsored by the NFL, NCAA, MLB, and/or related entities. The fabric artwork may be copyrighted, trademarked, and/or registered designs which are in no way connected with Get Outside Games, manufacturer of the fabric bag.

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