Cornhole Construction

Cornhole Construction


When it comes to playing cornhole there's nothing like a 6” x 6” regulation size and shape duck cloth sandwich with some corn filled goodness and a little dust!

Materials & Styles:
We manufacture all of our cornhole bags to regulation size and weights. All thread closures are color matched simply because the extra time and expense is worth the super clean look! Double stitching with 10 oz or heavier duck cloth or twill materials are standard. More details on our 2 series of bags:

-Classic Series-
These are our standard offering bags which to be honest are probably nicer than our competitions only bags! They have 1 fold over edge and are square pattern sewn around the remaining edges leaving a small opening for our fill.

-Elite Series- 
Our original bags - Built with a slighter heavier and higher quality duck cloth and then pattern sewn around all edges with a radius to create slightly round corners for smoother handling.

Fill Amounts:
There is a lot of talk about correct fill amounts and weights but the real answer is that there is no specific amount that every bag should hold. The bag design, method of manufacturing and type of fill helps determine these figures so we dial in our fill amounts based on the specific material and feel of each bag. We take the time to weigh each and every fill to ensure proper weight instead of giving you a varying amount - within the regulation 15-16 oz. bag weight of course!

Fill Materials:

Our whole kernel corn fill is triple cleaned and we have specific measures in place to ensure there are no bugs in our bags! Corn dust is an awesome and truly genuine part of game play but it is formed as corn breaks down, so over time the bags may begin to feel less full. Corn is also perishable; be sure to store it in a cool, dry area and away from insects and rodents. Allow your bags to thoroughly dry if they get wet/damp.

-All Weather-
We go to great lengths to ensure our fill is as close to the size and weight ratio of corn as we can get it. Perfect for playing by the pool, the river, and at the beach. Also, a must have for camping trips unless you enjoy feeding the critters! Our plastic pellet fill does not break down the way corn does so your bags will have a longer life span.


Our premium boards meet or exceed the standards others have set for their "elite" and "tournament" series.

CH Board Overview

Standard Features:
* Regulation Size 24" x 48"
* 1x4 Frame
* 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood Top
* 1" Thick Legs
* Pocket Screws & Exterior Grade Glue Construction
* Accurately Cut 6" Hole Rounded-Over & Smooth
* 3/8" or Larger Hardware w/ Washers Between The Frame & Legs

You will not be disappointed with the quality of these boards. They are not standard 2x4 frame sets with retail store plywood that was thrown together quickly. Our hardware is 3/8" or larger and our legs are spaced from the frame with a washer for smooth rotation.

CH Board Corner
These are pictures of our unfinished boards so that you can see the quality of our construction and not just focus on the incredible designs we make! Tight joints with flush and rounded-over edges make them look great, feel smooth and cause less damage to your bags. Pocket screws plus exterior grade glue keep these boards together and sturdy.You won't find any holes in the top of our boards!

CH Board Underside