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Texas Toss™ Game Set

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5 FT Tall Ladder Toss, Ladder Golf Game w/ Tennis Ball Throwing Ropes
Part Number: TXTOSS-SET
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Texas Toss™ - 5 FT Tall Ladder Toss / Ladder Ball Golf Game w/ Tennis Ball Throwing Ropes

The largest and most enjoyable version of this game we have ever played! Our extra large design is rugged, portable, easy to assemble and uses tennis ball throwing ropes that provide great entertainment for all ages!

* Assembled Height 57"
* 2 Rugged PVC Stands - Made of 1" PVC not 1/2" or 3/4"
* Includes 6 Tennis Ball Throwing Ropes - 3 Of Each Color
* Easy to Assemble & Disassemble - Perfect for Parties/Entertaining/Tailgating


+Extra Large Heavy Duty Gear Bag for Storage & Transport

Available Ball Colors:

Blue / Yellow
Green / Yellow
Orange / Yellow
Red / Yellow

The stands have been glued at specific joints leaving only 1 length/size of PVC requiring assembly. This makes it extremely easy to setup while staying durable for play. Stands are made of 1” PVC and the rope is braided nylon for outdoor durability.
**The PVC used is standard grade and will have normal stampings as well as the possibility of additional marks or stains**


We recommend placing the upright scoring bars on the stands approximately 24-27 ft apart for best game play. Our preferred scoring is to 21 points and if you bust you go back to 15. Bounces off of the ground don't count which makes the bottom rung 3 points, middle rung 2 points and top rung 1 point. The only way to cancel out points is by landing on the same rung as the other team. Good Luck!

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