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Tired of trying to find your washers when it’s time to play? Stop storing them separate from your boards! The Washer Locker is the perfect solution and requires minimal skill to add it to any set of washer boards.

* Holds 0-8+ washers securely using the adjustable pin
* 2-5/8" total storage space – deduct board frame for measurement purposes
* Zinc plated for outdoor durability
* Easy Installation


*Washer Boards w/ frames up to 1” thick:
Requires only the ability to drill a ½” hole – See instructions below

*Washer Boards w/ frames over 1” thick:
May require you to drill/bore a 5/8"+ recess in the exterior of the frame to allow the locker to rest approx  ¼ - ½” deep. This is can be done using a large drill, forstner or spade bit.

1. Locate a side wall on your boards with enough clearance to keep your washers inside the frame.
2. Drill a ½” hole in the center of this area.
3. Slide the locker bolt through the wall from the outside to the inside.
4. Place your washers on the locker bolt and secure them using the locking pin provided.

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