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We Are Committed to Ultimate Outdoor Products and Customer Satisfaction

Below is a snap shot of just our Etsy shop sales and reviews as of June 2019 in case you came here looking for a little commitment reinforcement. Our products are also available on Amazon and through our Ebay store but just like any other company we believe you will get the best experience and deserve the best price when shopping direct through our website!

What Sets You Apart From The Competition?

The majority of outdoor game products on the market are designed to keep material, manufacturing and shipping costs to a minimum even if it means creating a product that quickly falls apart or isn’t proper size. Chances are you or someone you know has bought an outdoor game as a last minute need or it just seemed like a great deal at the time. The kicker is that you quickly found out it was designed for little kids or it fell apart the first time you took it out! I am the type of person that researches every purchase I make because I plan to use the product to its fullest capability and expect it to last. I strive for efficiency and utility and this is exactly how I run my business. With that said we are always looking for ways to improve our current products and working on new concepts to increase enjoyment!

How Did You Get Started?

I actually began by making raised garden beds as a hobby that progressed into a part time business bringing on requests for all sorts of outdoor products. For me, playing outdoor games is the ultimate form of entertainment and it pairs perfectly with tailgates, parties, friends and family. We already had versions of games people hadn’t seen before and solutions to common issues with products available so I began expanding my outdoor accessory line. The demand for the outdoor games and accessories we had been using all of these years quickly surpassed garden beds and that’s when Get Outside Games emerged.

What Did You Do Before This?

I've always enjoyed designing and building! A childhood obsession with Legos and K’Nex progressed into a construction management degree at Texas State University. I proceeded to work commercial construction and catastrophic insurance adjusting before following my entrepreneurial passion. I will admit that I still can not comprehend how much time and energy it takes to start a business, stick with it and call it successful. You look back and it's all a blur but at the end of each day I know the same passion and energy that got me here keeps me going and I love what I do.

-Zac Marzouk

As Seen In:

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